​​​​​​​​Antoine The Light Portal

Holographic Remote Alignment

Uplift & recharge your soul

Antoine needs your permission, picture and first name and he will open up the Light Portal to realign you with your divine purpose. Feel an immediate and permanent lift in your spirit.

Join the Light Portal Revolution! 

Holographic Medium Ship

Find profound inner peace

Antoine is living proof we live in a holographic universe. After 2-3 minutes staring at Antoine's face, you will be able to see and talk to your spirit guides and deceased loved ones. 

The purpose is to raise the vibrational frequency of the healer to a higher frequency capable of channeling and offering higher levels of healing services such as holographic remote alignment and holographic mediumship. To join the Light Portal revolution, you will need the Light Portal Kit, 10 Day Transformation Cleanse and our soon-to-be released book "The Light Portal Revolution." Contact us for more information.

Spiritual Master & Healer

Choose Antoine the Light Portal for …

Holographic Light Technology

Become a spiritual master

The Light Portal device is a safe, simple, effective, efficient and affordable way to raise your frequency. Based on cutting-edge light technology, it brings you spiritual freedom and power.